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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday March 9th, 2014 with Michele Bourque
Women and Country and Rock

Interatioal Women's Day and Country and Rock
Wabano Remix
Wome of Wabano - Voices Canadian
Women's Dance
Kahnewsatake Women Singers - Kontirenotatie Canadian
Errol Ranvile - TheCodeCode Canadian
Life isCalling my Name
Shae Yellowbird - Life is callig myame Canadian
Hold on Forever
John Boudrias - Hold o Forever Canadian
City Slickers
Robert Laboucane - Alberta's ative Son Canadian
God ad theDevil
Jacues ad the Shakey Boys - Lines bumps and rails Canadian
Stolen Kissses
Jacques and tehShakey Boys - Lines bumps and rails Canadian
Since she went away
Murray Porter - Songs lived and Life Played Canadian