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Indigenous CKCU
Sunday January 27th, 2013 with Tony Belcourt
The Michif Hour

Metis recording artists and a segment from CBC radio's The Current concerning the court ruling that Metis are within federal jurisdiction, courtesy of the CBC
Gilbert Anderson's Road Song/Swing Tucker/Victor's 39th
Patti Lamoureux - Danceable Canadian
Jews, Gypsies And The Half-Caste Man
Don Freed - The Valley of Green and Blue Canadian
Metis Hands
Andrea Menard - Simple Steps Canadian
January 11, 2013
CBC - The Current New
Children of the Rainbow/Red River Jig
Andrea Menard - Simple Steps Canadian
Half Breed
Laura Vincent & Free Spirit - Point of the Arrow Canadian
Red White and Blue
Jess Lee - Sacred Ground Canadian
Duck Dance Calliou
John Arcand - Drops of Brand and other Traditional Metis Tunes Canadian