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Over My Head

Over My Head
Sunday May 27th, 2012 with David Leibold
Ska in the 2nd half

Let Not This World
Michael Hart - Lord of the Mountain - Soulkeeper Canadian
Kite Song
Rosie Thomas - These Friends of Mine - Sing-a-Long
Stevie and Didi - The Bottom Line - indie Canadian
Mr Chandler
The Choir - Burning Like the Midnight Sun - Galaxy 21
Freedom Train
Scott Towaij - Freedom Train - indie Canadian
Raise the Dead
Sean Michel - (single) - indie New
Ska set follows...
Awesome God
The Insyderz - Skalleluia - Squint
Bailey's Car - Vehicle of the 21st Century - indie Canadian
OC Supertones - Live Volume 1 - Tooth and Nail
Hutterite for a Day
Wooky - Pseudo - 6x6 Canadian
Phantom Mullet
Five Iron Frenzy - Gas Collection 19 - Five Minute Walk
David & Goliath
Godrocket - Saved! - Screaming Giant
Summer Dayz
Dayz Wage - Full Length Feature - Bird Seed Canadian