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Over My Head
Sunday July 25th, 2021 with David Leibold
A few reggae and ska tunes in the 2nd hour among various songs this week.

Thoughts on a Rainy Afternoon
Steve Bell - My Dinner With Bruce - Signpost Canadian
John 1
Joey McNitt - Morning Will Come Canadian
Four Strong Winds
Johnny Cash - American V: A Hundred Highways - American/Lost Highway Canadian
Sandra McCracken w/ Liz Vice - Steadfast Live
Bend and Break
Jacob Moon - Fascination Canadian
I Need Thee Every Hour
Ashley Cleveland w/ Steve Winwood - Men and Angels Say - Rambler
The Sun Beat Me To The Day
Malcolm Guite - Songs and Sonnets - Signpost
Chelsea Amber - Anchored Roots Canadian
In A Stream Of Stars
Drew Brown - Analog Love in Digital Times v1 Canadian
Talk to the Lord
Natalie Bergman - Mercy - Third Man
Closer Than a Brother
Josh Garrels - Chrysaline
You Know That
Vigilantes of Love - Summershine - Compass
Complain to the Clouds
LMT Connection - Universal Soul Canadian
Hammers and Nails
Mark Heard - Satellite Sky
Inside Burning
Christafari - Soulfire - Gotee
Tell Me
Temple Yard - (single) - Gotee
Hang On
Avion Blackman - Ska Lives v3 (comp) - IVM
Rise Up!
Scaterd Few - Omega No. 5 - Accidental Sirens
Head of the Class
Bailey's Car - Vehicle of the 21st Century Canadian
Jesus is a Friend of Mine
Insyderz - Ska Lives vol 3
Plan B
Five Iron Frenzy - Electric Boogaloo - Five Minute Walk
100 Million Eyeballs
Miss Angie - (single) - Myrrh
Joy Rider
Miss Angie - (single) - indie New
Manafest - My Own Thing - indie Canadian
Stick to Your Guns
Manafest w/ Soul Glow Activatur - Reborn - indie Canadian
Rock is Dead
The Violet Burning - The Story of Our Lives: 2 Black as Death
Wovenhand - Refractory Obdurate - Deathwish
Mourning Muskets
58 Skivies - EP Canadian
Coming Back to Life
Blindside - Silence - Elektra
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