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Over My Head
Sunday June 20th, 2021 with David Leibold
Many live-recorded songs today, especially in the 7:30 and 8:30 sets. A few tracks for Father's Day.

Reveal His Glory
Jim Felix - Keep the Faith - SOAR Canadian
In Memoriam
Steve Bell - Wouldn't You Love to Know - Signpost Canadian
Papa Danced on Olvera Street
Terry Scott Taylor - Avocado Faultline - Silent Planet
Sweet Comfort
Sandra McCracken - Steadfast Live
That's Just How She Cries
Buddy and Julie Miller - Buddy and Julie Miller - Hightone
Fancy Feet
Liz Vice - Save Me
Friends From a Distance
One Hundred Days - The Obvious - Liquid Disc Canadian
Jacob Moon - The Loop Canadian
Growing Old
Miranda Stone - One, Two, Trash a Few, 99, 100 - earthdress Canadian
Chimes of Freedom
Martyn Joseph - Official Bootleg Live From Derby, England, 26-1-17 - Pipe
Somebody on Your Bond
Danny Brooks - Live at the Palais Royale - Soulsville III - His House Canadian
This is the Healing
Michael Knott - Live in Nash-Vegas - Marathon
Berni's Wedding Jig
The Electrics - Danger Live Electrics
Holy Art
Pamela Myburgh - Hymns of Remembrance - Chapter 2
Jury Selection
Lost Coin - Dark Cloud, Silver Lining Canadian
My King
Scott Blackwell - Walk on the Wild Side - KMG (reissue)
On My Feet Again
The Commissionaires - Shelter Me Canadian
Traveling Shoes
Robert Randolph and the Family Band - We Walk This Road - Warner/WMGreen
Outrider - Electric Reveille Canadian
At the End of the Day
Neal Morse - So Many Roads - Radiant/Metal Blade
The Son of Hannah
Alex Henry Foster - Standing Under Bright Lights Canadian New
Invitation to Understanding
MxPx - At the Show - Tooth and Nail
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