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Over My Head

Over My Head
Sunday January 5th, 2020 with David Leibold

I Want to be Holy
Genevieve Falleur - Whosoever Will - indie Canadian
Winter on the Bay
The Hollands! - To Holland With Love - Dutchy Love
Ice Road
Karla Adolphe - Honeycomb Tombs - indie Canadian
Winter Light
Hammock - Kenotic - indie
New World
Trevor Dick Band - New World - Kerux Canadian
To Dance With Death
Liz Vice - Save Me - indie
Babylon is Gonna Fall
Newworldson - Roots Revolution - Orange Cross Canadian
River Jordan
Mike Farris - Shine For All the People - Compass
Mon Désir
The Violet Burning - The Story of Our Lives: 3 Liebe über Alles - indie
I Believe It
Flatfoot 56 - Toil - Stomp
Bright Wings
Mortal - Fathom - Intense
Interactive CKCU
Tony & L-A Copple
Hi Dave, enjoying this a week later

1:53 AM, January 12th, 2020