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Over My Head

Over My Head
Sunday October 13th, 2019 with David Leibold
Thanksgiving weekend

Give Thanks
London Trio Plus - Thirsty - indie Canadian
Ceili Rain - Anthology v1 - Cross Driven
Give Thanks
Arthur Wachnik - Let Us Run - indie Canadian
Thank You
Jan Krist - See Stone - Silent Planet
Eternally Grateful
Warren Dean Flandez - Eternally Grateful - indie Canadian
Thank You
Next Church - Around 11 - Longshot Canadian
Thankful 'N Thoughtful
Robert Randolph and the Family Band - Colorblind - Warner/Dare
Mercy Now
Mike Farris - Shine For All the People - Compass
U2 - October - Island
Humpty Song
Ninth Hour - Creator - indie Canadian
Dead Room
Bumblepuppy - An Evening at the Feelies - Bulletproof Canadian
Flatfoot 56 - Jungle of the Midwest Sea - Flicker
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