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Over My Head

Over My Head
Sunday July 14th, 2019 with David Leibold
Today's play list includes a few tunes missed from last week's Song 40 You special.

There is a God
Tables of Stone - Engraved - indie Canadian
Pledge My Head to Heaven
Keith Green - So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt - Sparrow
Hungry Ghost
Rick Unruh - Aliens and Strangers - Silent Planet Canadian
Over Again
Talbot Brothers - Talbot Brothers - Warner
Orphan Train
Julie Miller - Broken Things - Hightone
And He Said
Salmond and Mulder - Fun Raiser - River Canadian
Grappenhall Rag
Bryn Haworth - Chronology - Myrrh
Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music
Cliff Richard - Small Corners - EMI
I Love You #19
Daniel Amos - Our Personal Favorite World Famous Hist - KMG (reissue)
Celebration Day
Avalon - Voice of Life - London Canadian
Gotta Serve Somebody
Bob Dylan - Biograph - Columbia
Resurrection Band - Awaiting Your Reply - Star Song
Fine Line
Vector - Time Flies - Liquid Disc
Scott Towaij - Love Revolution - indie Canadian
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