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Over My Head
Sunday June 2nd, 2019 with David Leibold
Today, we welcome back Tony and Laurie-Ann Copple, long-time OMH hosts, and hear about their latest missionary work in South Africa's Western Cape.

New Jerusalem
Ernie Cox - One More Time - indie Canadian
Be Thou My Vision
Sandra McCracken - Steadfast Live - indie
Standing in the Need of Prayer
Carolyn Arends - Love Was Here First - indie Canadian
Help Thou My Unbelief
Rick Elias - Jōb - indie
The Air Terminal
John Rydgren - Silhouette Segments - ...
Save Me
Liz Vice - Save Me - indie
Slow Motion
The Arrows - Disaster Queen - indie
Tony & Laurie-Ann live in the studio
Ons Sal Upstaan in U Naam
Marius Rabie - The Time Has Come - indie
This is our Worship
Guillaume & Rene - Worship Arise - indie
Choose to Live
Tables of Stone - Engraved - indie Canadian
Interactive CKCU
The Joel guy
1. Major Dude, can you ask Tony and Laurie-Ann what revelation God gave them about their Ministry? Any surprises? Any specific message? 2. How would they explain their mission to people who do not consider themselves Christians

7:32 AM, June 2nd, 2019
Mike Mercer
Laurie-Ann & Tony long time no see how ya doin? Oh hi Dave can't to hear LA & Tony again soon!:))) Get ready folks it's reunion time!:)))))))))

7:38 AM, June 2nd, 2019
Tony & L-A Copple
Such a joy for us to be back with Over my Head. Thank you Dave for the invitation and the execution thereof

9:49 AM, June 3rd, 2019