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Over My Head

Over My Head
Sunday May 12th, 2019 with David Leibold
Various tunes, some of them relating to Mother's Day

Mama Prayed
Danny Brooks & Lil' Miss Debi - Texasippi Soul Man - His House Canadian
Precious Lord
London Trio Plus - Thirsty - indie Canadian
Mamma Wing
Karla Adolphe - Honeycomb Tombs - indie Canadian
Gone is the Light
Steve Bell - Devotion - Signpost Canadian
Her Name is Rose
Martyn Joseph - Sanctuary - Pipe
I Still Belong to Jesus
Robert Randolph and the Family Band - We Walk This Road - WMGreen/WB
Hokus Pick - Brothers From Different Mothers - Attic Canadian
Mukala - Fiction - Essential
Mothers of the Disappeared
U2 - The Joshua Tree - Island
Michael Bannerman - Losing Balance - indie Canadian
Muffin in the Oven
Jeff Elbel + Ping - The Eleventh Hour Storybook - Marathon
Home Sweet Home
John Rydgren - Silhouette Segments - ...
The Old Rugged Cross
Kevin Max - The Blood - Blind Thief/Infinity
My Mom Still Cleans My Room
MxPx - Life in General - Tooth and Nail
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