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Over My Head

Over My Head
Sunday March 10th, 2019 with David Leibold
Start of Lent, start of Daylight Savings Time, various tunes

Hymns for the Architect - The Bright Sadness - indie Canadian
Seize the Day
Carolyn Arends - Just Getting Started - indie Canadian
Salvage Me
Infinitely More - The Beauty of the One - indie Canadian
The Transfiguration
Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans - Sounds Familyre
Stuck in a Moment
Martyn Joseph - Run to Cover - Pipe
Time Painting
Mike Janzen - Nudging Forever - indie Canadian
The Hug Poem
Bradley Hathaway - All the Hits So Far... - ...
If a Song Could be President
Over the Rhine - The Trumpet Child - GSD/Red Eye
Jan Krist - Curious - SIlent Planet
Time Enough at Last
Ping - Gallery - Marathon
Look at Time
John Rydgren - Silhouette Segments - ...
Losing Time
Bailey's Car - Vehicle of the 21st Century - indie Canadian
Doing Time
MxPx - Life in General - Tooth and Nail
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