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Over My Head

Over My Head
Sunday September 30th, 2018 with David Leibold
A little bit more of this and that... end of September

Give Thanks
London Trio Plus - Thirsty - indie Canadian
My Poetry is Jamming Your Machine
Malcolm Guite - Songs & Sonnets - Signpost
Michael Knott - Live in Nash-Vegas - Marathon
Live a Little
Jacob Moon - The Best of Jacob Moon - indie Canadian
Standing on the Rock
Newworldson - Roots Revolution - indie Canadian
River Jordan
Mike Farris - Shine For All the People - Compass
Poetry in Motion
Jeff Somers Band - Launch: Ignition (comp) - ... Canadian
Lads - Lost @ Sea - Parachute (NZ)
It is What it Is (What it Is)
Adam Again - Dig - KMG (reissue)
Engine of Destruction
Jeff Elbel + Ping - The Eleventh Hour Storybook - Marathon
Red Umbrella - Launch: Ignition (comp) - ... Canadian
Steve Taylor and the Perfect Foil - Goliath - Splint
With a Shout
U2 - October - Island
Breathe Today
Flyleaf - Flyleaf - Octone
Interactive CKCU