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Over My Head

Over My Head
Sunday September 9th, 2018 with David Leibold

Not for Tongues of Heaven's Angels
The Three Cantors - Live at St. Paul's Cathedral - indie Canadian
Red Sky Morning
Russ Rosen Band - Waiting for Abraham - indie Canadian
Dark Night of the Soul
Gayle Salmond - Good Company (Steve Bell songs) - Signpost Canadian
All Creatures
Annie Herring - Picture Frames - Spring Hill
The River's Gonna Run
Buddy and Julie Miller - Buddy and Julie Miller - Hightone
Thunder and Rainbows
Martyn Joseph - Don't Talk About Love v2 - Pipe
Beautiful Things
Gungor - A Creation Liturgy - Brash
The Creation
Neal Morse - One - Radiant/Metal Blade
He's the Creator
Daniel Band - On Rock - Magdalene/M8 Canadian

16 Sep - The Color / Brooke Nicholls (Cornwall, Fellowship Baptist)

20 Sep - Chris Tomlin / Pat Barrett (Ott, Woodvale)

23 Sep - Danny Brooks & Lil' Miss Debbie (Ott, Union City Church)

13 Nov - Informants (Montreal, Peoples Church)

30 Nov - Tim Neufeld (previously of Starfield) and the Glory Boys (Ottawa, Cedarview)

16 Dec - Natalie MacMaster/Donnell Leahy - NAC
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