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Over My Head

Over My Head
Sunday July 22nd, 2018 with David Leibold
Some summer time tunes, some Randy Stonehill, other tunes

The Heart of God
Alana Levandoski - Behold, I Make All Things New - Signpost Canadian
(There is Always) One More Time
Ernie Cox - One More Time - indie Canadian
Wouldn't it be Nice
Jan Krist - Making God Smile - Silent Planet
Where Do We Belong?
The Violet Burning - The Story of Our Lives: Black as Death - indie
Wooden Heart
Listener - Wooden Heart - indie
Michael Knott - Life of David - Metro One
Purple Shades
One Hundred Days - The Super Terrific Happy Hour - indie Canadian
Broken Down
Ramsie Shick - Personally There - Crucible Artists
Good News (live from Greenbelt)
Randy Stonehill - The Sky Is Falling - Solid Rock
You Care
Jon Corbin - (single) - LSTNFND Canadian
Feel so Good Today
DPB w/ Charles Davids - (single) - indie New
Beach Bums
Channelsurfers - Where I Wanna Be - Organic
Monday in Vegas
Lucerin Blue - Tales of the Knife - Tooth and Nail Canadian
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