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Over My Head
Sunday July 5th, 2015 with Tony Copple
Juliet Schimpf

Rev Juliet Schimpf's story, our guest on OMH today. NB the parallels with Carolyn Weber, Surprized by Oxford.
Mezzo - Over my Head theme
Seventy Sevens - Drowning with land in sight
Today (As for me and my house)
Brian Doerksen - It's time Canadian
My guest is The Rev. Juliet Schimpf, who has a fine story to tell. She is one of the four regular preachers on Good News in the Morning - - broadcast on CRFA every Sunday morning. We will chat between songs.
Rev Juliet Schimpf - chat
I see the Lord (Isaiah 6:1)
Chris Falson - Light the nation with prayer
Be kind to one another
Rick Altizer - Scripture memory
I know
Lynda Maree - Lynda Maree Canadian
Big Daddy Weave - Love come to me
Thank you
Jake Hamilton & Kim Walker Smith - Beautiful rider
Bounce back
Prosper & GPM - (single dowload) Canadian
Interactive CKCU