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Over My Head
Sunday August 25th, 2013 with David Leibold

Mama Prayed
Danny Brooks - Texasippi Soul Man - His House Canadian New
We Will Overcome
Jacob Moon - Landing2 - indie Canadian
Good Vibrations
Phil Keaggy - Making God Smile - Silent Planet
I Felt Really Good This Day, Yes
Bradley Hathaway - All the Hits So Far (but don't expect too much) - Relevant
Steve Scott - We Dreamed that we were Strangers - Glow
Symbiotica - Symbiotica - Graceland
Manafest - GMA Canada 30th Anniversary Collection - ... Canadian
The Battery - (single) - Illect/SOHH
Eyes of a Stranger (Payloa$ cover)
P.O.D. - Warriors EP 2 - Atlantic Canadian
Found in the Fury - (single) - indie Canadian New
Love and Death - Between Here and Lost - Tooth and Nail
Time Flies
Mosely - Frailty - indie Canadian