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Heat Wave
Friday August 9th, 2019 with Selekta Shellz
Crop over 2019 Memories

Hold yuh
Fadda Fox - Choco Stick Riddim
Touch Down
Jamantha - Choco Stick Riddim
Right Now
Joaquin Ft. Problem Child - Choco Stick Riddim
in Deh
Marzville - Choco Stick Riddim
Shy Girl
Holla Bak ft. Shontelle - Wild Flower Riddim
Soda Pop
Marzville - Wild Flower Riddim
More Time
Tian Winter - Wild Flower Riddim
Wine Pon U
Joaquin - Tropikal Gas Riddim
Sweeter Than Sweet
Mole - Tropikal Gas Riddim
Royal Wine
S.K. - Tropikal Gas Riddim
Rude Gyal
Shanta Prince - Tropikal Gas Ridim
Over Me
Jus D - Tropikal Gas Riddim
Push & Go Through
Marvay - Single
Leadpipe Ft. Jus J - Single
It Aint Me
Lil Rick - Single
Love up
Dj Ky Ft. Altuh Ego - Fire Splash Riddim
Summa - Fire Splash Riddim
Handle It
Mara Rose - Fire Splash Riddim
Machel Montano - Ole Ting Riddim
One Woman
Motto - Ole Ting Riddim
One man
Alison Hinds - Ole Ting Riddim
Fair Sa
Hypasounds - Single
So What
Jus D - Single
Live For This
Tony Bailey - Drip Drip Riddim
Shanta Prince - Drip Drip Riddim
From Nothing To Something
Jus D - Drip Drip Riddim
Fetting Mood
Lil Rick - Drip Drip Riddim
Working it
Maloney - Bubble Trouble Riddim
Huh Hmmm
Jagwa D Champ - Bubble Trouble Riddim
Porgie & Murdah - Bubble Trouble Riddim
Bashment Jungle
Porgie & Murdah - Bad Rum Riddim
Party Badd
Skinny Fabulous ft. Mikey - Small Island Groove Riddim
Owe Me
Marzville - Small island Groove Riddim
No Bad Vibes
Jus D - Jam Down Riddim
Feting Is Me Drug
Edwin Yearwood - Jam Down RIddim
Wukkin Friend
Mikey - Jam Down Riddim
Evolution of Basement
Stiffy - Single
Wuk up And Bend
Walkes - Single
Tc - Single
Biggie irie - Single
Wuck'up De Worst
Niqo Vibz - V-Neck Riddim
Lil Rick - V-Neck Riddim
Wuk It Good
Porgie - V-Neck Riddim
S.K. - V-Neck Riddim
Deh Wit Um
Mole - V-Neck Riddim
More Rum
Marzville Ft. Fadda Fox - Jab Fete Riddim
Shut Down
Skinny Fabulous - Jab Fete Riddim
Balance Batty
Lil Rick - Single
So Extra
Versewild - Bedroom Riddim
Marzville - Bedroom Riddim
Mikey - Single
Bruk it Set It
Akaiiusweet - Single
Bruk It Off
Fadda Fox - Big Yam Riddim
Pon The Stick
Problem Child - Big Yam Riddim
She Always Bend Over
King Bubba - Big Yam Riddim
Do Wha We Want
Fadda Fox - Champion Fetters Riddim
Champion Fetters
Mikey - Champion Fetters Riddim
Dutty Hart
Peter Ram - Champion Fetters Riddim
Can't Style Me
Lil Rick - Single
Mash Up And Done
Alison Hinds - Bruce Bannah Riddim
Ricardo Drue - Bruce Bannah Riddim
If Rum Done
King Bubba - Bruce Bannah Riddim
Spring Garden
Lil Rick - Bruce Bannah Riddim
Jam Down
Lil Rick - Single
Lehgo Ting
Luta - Big Iron Riddim
Nasty Up
Problem Child - Single
Boat In D Road
Peter Ram - Single
Action Time Again
Mikey - Single
Interactive CKCU