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Monday January 11th, 2010 with David Sarazin

Even If It Breaks Your Heart
Will Hoge - The Wreckage - Ryko
The Taterbug Rag
Phil Lee - So Long, It's Been Good To Know - Palookaville/Steady Boy
Burn The Whole Place Down
Hey Negrita - Burn The Whole Place Down - Fat Fox
Bells of Harlem
Dave Rawlings Machine - A Firend Of A Friend - Acony
The Suitcase Song
Sam & Ruby - The Here And The Now - Ryko
As Long As He's Gone
Steve Meckfessel - Under Beautiful Skies - Independent
Damn Your Love
Vince Melamed - What Matters Most - Adroit
A Few More Years
Buddy Greene - A Few More Years - Rufus Music Co.
A Way To Go
Lainie Marsh - The Hills Will Cradle Thee - Bait & Tackle
Part Two
Folk Soul Revival - Good Enough - Lonesome
A Year Can Change a Lot
Chris Velan - Solidago - Newsong
Sit This One Out
Dana Cooper - Made Of Mud - King Easy
Ben Bullington
Ben Bullington - White Sulphur Springs - Independent