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Wednesday December 28th, 2011 with Lenny Wu
Part 3 of The Top 50 of 2011 - The Top 11 Songs (Canadian Edition)

Concluding the year-end music countdown, Canadian edition. The top 50 of 2011 ends with the best eleven songs remaining. Blog - Facebook at
Part 3 of The Top 50 of 2011 - #11 to #1.
Coeur de Pirate - Blonde Canadian New
What Do You Wanna Do
Louie Burns - Mellow Drama Canadian
Hey Rosetta! - Seeds Canadian
How I Met You
Jenn Grant - Honeymoon Punch Canadian
Plath Heart
Braids - Native Speaker Canadian
Ohbijou - Metal Meets Canadian
How Come You Never Go There
Feist - Metals Canadian
Oh Fortune
Dan Mangan - Oh Fortune Canadian
Lose It
Austra - Feel It Break Canadian
The Rural Alberta Advantage - Departing Canadian
Peripheral Visionaries
Young Galaxy - Shapeshifting Canadian
#1 for The Top 50 of 2011, Peripheral Visionaries by Young Galaxy.

Remembering Anita Mui - 8 years since her passing. December 30, 2003.
Anita Mui - Faithfully
Anita Mui - Faithfully
心仍是冷 (The Heart Is Still Cold)
Anita Mui - In Memory of Anita
An extra for the blog.
Drop Your Weapon
Deadmau5 - Drop Your Weapon - Single Canadian
Second Part of the Show (on - Canadian indie music that were not on my top 50 of 2011. All releases from 2011 except for a few.
Kathleen Edwards - Voyageur Canadian New
Everything I Saw
The Weather Station - All of It Was Mine Canadian
Dinosaur Bones - My Divider Canadian
Lost Art
The Details - Lost Art Canadian
I Won't Let It
Daniel Romano - Sleep Beneath the Willow Canadian
I Don't Get By
The Sheepdogs - Learn & Burn Canadian
A Hundred Highways
Dirty Beaches - Badlands Canadian
Reinventing The Laugh Track
Camp Radio - Campista Socialista Canadian
Pink Carnations
The Belle Game - Sleep to Grow EP Canadian
Adaline - Modern Romantics Canadian
Imaginary Cities - Temporary Resident Canadian
Huddle - All These Fires Canadian
Fight Song
In Media Res - It Was Warm And Sunny Canadian
Little Lie
Lindi Ortega - Little Red Boots Canadian
South Korea
Megan Bonnell - Maps EP Canadian
Lose Your Head
Teenage Kicks - Rational Anthems Canadian
She's Been High
Data Romance - She's Been High Canadian
Heavy Sleep
Tasseomancy - Ullalume Canadian
What You Need
The Weeknd - House of Balloons Canadian
Grimes - Darkbloom Canadian
Speaking In Tongues
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs (Deluxe Edition) Canadian