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Wednesday April 13th, 2011 with Lenny Wu
The Charlotte Cornfield Interview & Past Hong Kong Film Songs Edition

First Hour - Podcast only
Laura Palmer's Prom
You Say Party - XXXX Canadian
Peripheral Visionaries
Young Galaxy - Shapeshifting Canadian
Hey Rosetta! - Seeds Canadian
The Prime Minister's Daughter
Library Voices - Summer of Lust Canadian New
Give You All I Can (featuring Skratch Bastid)
Shad - Give You All I Can - Single Canadian New
The Rural Alberta Advantage - Departing Canadian New
Make Believe
The Love Machine - Sweater Weather Canadian
Crossed Wires
The Acorn - No Ghost Canadian
Winchester Warm
Winchester Warm - Sky One Room Canadian
I Feel You
Sam Roberts Band - Collider Canadian New
I Want The Lights On After Dark
Memphis - Here Comes a City Canadian New
Sentimental Gentleman
Snailhouse - Sentimental Gentleman Canadian New
Bad Ritual
Timber Timbre - Creep On Creepin' On Canadian New
Tell Me
Jill Barber - Mischievous Moon Canadian New
Young Blood
The Naked & Famous - Passive Me, Aggressive You New
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs Canadian
Second Hour/Live
What About Us
Handsome Furs - Sound Kapital Canadian
Charlotte Cornfield Interview
Charlotte Cornfield - WildWorks on CKCU-FM Canadian New
Construction On The Street
Charlotte Cornfield - Two Horses Canadian New
Cantopop songs from Hong Kong films
Spring Wind Autumn Rain (春風秋雨)
Sally Yeh - 葉蒨文影視金曲
Sandy Lam - From twentysomething
California Dreamin'
The Mamas & Papas - If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears
Dreamlover (夢中人)
Faye Wong - 胡思亂想 (Random Thinking)
Cecilia Cheung - From Fly Me to Polaris
Eason Chan - From Twelve Nights / Nothing Really Matters (album)
Sammi Cheng - From Needing You
Richie Ren, Au Niu & Michael Chan - From Summer Holiday
A Love Before Time [Mandarin version] (月光愛人)
CoCo Lee - From Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
無間道 (Infernal Affairs)
Andy Lau & Tony Leung - From Infernal Affairs