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Wednesday May 26th, 2010 with Lenny Wu
The Darcys Interview Edition

It's a hot scorcher in the Nation's Capital. It's also the last time to use my laptop to play the tunes as I will hope to use the iPad for next week. New co-host joining the show,
A song to recognize the unofficial start of Summer. It was also used to intro the show for this Wednesday only.
My Girl (Single Version) [Stereo]
The Temptations - Motown 50
The Wild 5 Countdown - #5. New entry but the album was released in April. It's getting played elsewhere and on a "particular" program here too.
Land Of Living Skies Pt. 2: The Living Skies
The Besnard Lakes - Are The Roaring Night Canadian New
The Darcys Interview
The Darcys - WildWorks on CKCU Canadian New
Strange Fits
The Darcys - Endless Water Canadian
The Wild 5 Countdown - #4. Falling from #2 and this track is only available on iTunes.
The Right Time (feat. Tyler Bancroft)
Hannah Georgas - This Is Good Canadian New
Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles (II) Canadian New
Cobbled From Dust
The Acorn - No Ghost Canadian New
The Wild 5 Countdown - #3. A re-entry.
Ghost Pressure
Wolf Parade - Expo 86 Canadian New
The Wild 5 Countdown - #2. Album came out on Tuesday.
Yaa I Get It
Shad - TSOL Canadian New
Salinity Blues
Bent By Elephants - Third Floor Sessions: Bent By Elephants Canadian New
She's a Weight
Old Crowns - Old Crowns Canadian New
The Wild 5 Countdown - #1. 4 Weeks at #1.
Stars - The Five Ghosts Canadian New
Second Hour
Forest City Lover - Light You Up Canadian New
Road Regrets
Dan Mangan - Nice, Nice, Very Nice Canadian
Long Live The Queen set. A festival from Halifax. Sampler was from
Wait & See
Diamond Rings - Long Live The Queen Sampler Canadian New
Drunk Love
Rebekah Higgs - Long Live The Queen Sampler Canadian New
Jenocide - Long Live The Queen Sampler Canadian New
Beyond - 現代舞台
Morning Sun
Shayna Zaid & The Catch - Shayna Zaid & The Catch
Just Trying To Get By (Live)
Billy the Kid - From CBC's The Hour Canadian New
Tom Cruz
Plants & Animal - La La Land Canadian New