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Wednesday May 8th, 2013 with Lenny Wu
The Mother's Day Edition

It's the Mother's Day edition and tribute to Teresa Teng as May 8 is the 18th anniversary of her death. Blog -
Night In Hong Kong
Teresa Teng - 鄧麗君精选8 (Best of Teresa Teng 8)
Teresa Teng - 鄧麗君漫步人生3步曲
Goodbye, My Love
Teresa Teng - 鄧麗君漫步人生3步曲
Wishing We Last Forever
Faye Wong - The Decadent Sound of Faye
What a Wonderful World
Teresa Teng - inoubliable
Red Bean
Teresa Teng - 飛躍新世紀
Hero Brother
Sarah Neufield - Hero Brother Canadian New
Keep Shining
Shad - TSOL Canadian
Ode To Mom
Hannah Georgas - Hannah Georgas Canadian
Jacky Cheung - 真愛(新曲+精選)
Sally Yeh - The Best Seller of Warner Music
Truly Love You (真的愛妳)
Beyond - Beyond IV