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The Wavelength

The Wavelength
Monday January 23rd, 2012 with RAY HARRIS
no theme really, a bunch of Nashville bands, some cool stuff by Ottawa area bands, and a whole buncha stuff with loud guitars!

Drugstore Truck Drivin' Man
JASON and THE SCORCHERS - Clear Impetuous Morning
Human Cannonball
WEBB WILDER - Hybrid Vigour
Everything Has A Cost
JASON and THE SCORCHERS w/EMMYLOU HARRIS - Clear Impetuous Morning
Sweet Hitchiker
TOMMY WOMACK - Positively Na Na
That's What I'm For
TIM CARROLL - All Kinds Of Pain
Skinny and Small
TOMMY WOMACK - Positively Na Na
Soybeans Cotton and Corn
TIM CARROLL - All Kinds Of Pain
Buenas Tardes Amigo
WEEN - Chocolate and Cheese
Rich Man
MIKE PLUME BAND - Song and Dance Man Canadian
These Days
THE POPULARS - Five Canadian
Don't Shit Where You Eat
WEEN - Chocolate and Cheese
Honey Bee
Voodoo Cadillac
Georgia On A Fast Train
SHAVER - Unshaven
Lover Of The Bayou
MUDCRUTCH - Mudcrutch
Settle For Love
JOE ELY - Best of...
Johnny Ace Is Dead
DAVE ALVIN - Eleven Eleven
Railroad Steel
GEORGIA SATELLITES - Georgia Satellites
Hippy Hippy Shake
GEORGIA SATELLITES - Cocktail soundtrack
Games People Play
GEORGIA SATELLITES - Land Of Sin and Salvation
BROTHERS THRU THE HILL - Adelaide Canadian
Bend In The Road
BROTHERS CHAFFEY - Bloodlines Canadian
Try To Hide
FIFTYMEN - Balances and Sums Canadian
Losin' Ground
CHRIS RAYBURN - Chris Rayburn Canadian
Open Letter To My Heart
JOHN ALLAIRE - Heart Of Steel Canadian New
EVIL FARM CHILDREN - Knuckleduster Canadian
All Time Low
THE LOWBELLIES - The Lowbellies Canadian
Well Well Michelle
THE KINGMAKERS - Last Night In Nashville Canadian
It's A Dirty Shame
THE ESQUIRES - The Singles ...Plus Canadian
Who Do You Love
RONNIE HAWKINS - Arkansas Rockpile Canadian