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The Wavelength

The Wavelength
Monday November 25th, 2019 with Joe Reilly
Double Shots of Great Canadian Indie Artists Tonight!

Lots of great Canadian artists tonight so give a listen. At the end of the show I promised some links to show how Jason Kenney the Premier of Alberta is the crown prince of the Low Dishonourable Men that Kyp Harness is singing about in our final song tonight. Here are those links Start by listening to this interview with a conservative radio host, Charles Adler.... as he holds Kenney accountable for horrible actions he took as a young man. A low dishonourable young man has grown to become a low dishonourable premier... man.
Far Too Canadian
Spirit of the West - Go Figure - WEA Canadian
Spirit of the West - Go Figure - WEA Canadian
One Cigarette
Jim Bryson - The Occassionals - Upright Records Canadian
Somewhere Else
Jim Bryson - The North Side Benches - Universal Canadian
Surrender Dorothy
Lynn Miles - Unravel - True North Canadian
I'm Still Here
Lynn Miles - Slightly Haunted - Philo Canadian
It's Not the End of the World
John Southworth - Mars Pennsylvania - A&M Canadian
Ode To The Morning Sky
John Southworth - Niagara - Tin Angel Canadian
Calling All Angels
Jane Siberry - When I Was A Boy - Warner Canadian
In My Dream
Jane Siberry - Ulysses' Purse - Sheeba/Indie Canadian
Go Into The Night
Gabrielle Papillon - Little Bug - Indie Canadian
Three Years
Gabrielle Papillon - Keep The Fire - Indie Canadian
Refused To Learn
Folly and the Hunter - Remains - Outside Canadian
Small Victories
Folly and the Hunter - Awake - Outside Canadian
One More Night In Your Arms
Porcelain Owl - Eat At Zorbas Canadian
Summer Smile
The Ring Shepherds - Single - Indie Canadian New
Maybe I'm Not Sure
The Randypeters - Independence Day - XXX Records Canadian
Skydiggers - Let's Get Friendship Right - Indie Canadian New
Shakey Thing
Furnaceface - Just Buy It - One Handed Records Canadian
Clobbering Time
Furnaceface - Clobbering Time - Upright Records Canadian
Pulling Teeth
Cardboard Crowns - Global Citizen - Indie Canadian
Lonely Heart
Kyp Harness - All Her Love - Ram Jam Canadian
Low Dishonourable Men
Kyp Harness - Armageddon Blues - Indie Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Thanks from Rand and i

10:32 PM, November 25th, 2019
awesome tune

10:35 PM, November 25th, 2019
ah good ol furnace face ?

10:37 PM, November 25th, 2019
Joe Reilly (host)
Thanks Gilles.... always good to hear from you. Randypeters and Furnaceface... staples of the Ottawa scene back in the day!

11:08 PM, November 25th, 2019