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The Wavelength

The Wavelength
Monday November 11th, 2019 with Joe Reilly
Dedications to our very own Dastardly Deficit-Inducing Doug Ford... and guests Oh Susanna, Lynne Hanson and CKCU Founding Fellow Jim Wright

This is a "fun"ding drive show. We play songs dedicated to Doug Ford in all his splendour and get Lynne Hanson and Oh Susanna to pick songs for Doug as well. And one of CKCU's founders Jim Wright calls in as well to talk about the early days of CKCU and some of the challenges faced by the people who put this station together back in 1975. Enjoy the fun and keep dialing and donating at 613-520-3920 or at using our secure donation page. Also check out Oh Susanna's music and her tour dates here: And Lynne Hanson has lots of great music and you can keep on top of her tour dates here: Get out and see some live music and support independent artists by purchasing some of their music.
The Bravery
Irish Mythen - Little Bones Canadian New
Call It Democracy
Bruce Cockburn - Waiting for A Miracle - True North Records Canadian
Far Too Canadian
Spirit of the West - Go Figure - Warner Canadian
Don't Fence Me In
Gene Autry - Single
Recipe For Disaster
The Lynnes - Heartbreak Song For the Radio Canadian
Ship of Fools
The World Party - Private Revolution - Chrysalis
Klaatu - Hope - Daffodil/Capitol/Reissue on Bullesye Records Canadian
Kill My Hope
Folly and the Hunter - Awake - Outside Canadian
Jim Bryson - Somewhere We Belong - Fixed Hinge Recording/Fontana North Canadian
Swing To The Right
Utopia - Swing To The Right - Bearsville
Wish I Was Wrong
Dave Gunning - Up Against The Sky - Indie Canadian
Many Faces
James - Living in Extraordinary Times - Infectious Music
The Beatles - The Beatles (The White Album) - Apple
From The Air
Laurie Anderson - Big Science - Warner Records
Go To Hell
Alice Cooper - Alice Cooper Goes To Hell - Warner Brothers
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