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The Wavelength

The Wavelength
Monday July 13th, 2015 with Dave Alburger
summertime music fun

Bring on the musical heat!
The Emporor
The Jazz Crusaders - Lighthouse '68
Save My Life
Eddie Turner - The Turner Diaries
One to Throw Away
5th Projekt - Circadian Canadian
Bad Child
Randy Bachman - Heavy Blues Canadian
No Footprints
Bruce Cockburn - Dancing in the Dragon's Jaw Canadian
Ordinary Son
Ungodmskulen - Cry-Baby
Gábor Szabó - Spellbinder
Black Muddy River
Grateful Dead - In the Dark
Hard Times
Days of You - The We Hours Canadian
Hey Man! (Let's Play Something About Spain)
Jiri Stivin & Rudolf Dasek - System Tandem
Beneath the Snow
Flotilla - Disaster Poetry Canadian
A Life Hereafter
Kid Metropolis - Blueprint for Modern Life Canadian
Adventures in your own Backyard
Patrick Watson - Adventures in your own Backyard Canadian
Elliott Brood - Work and Love Canadian
New Dawn Waiting
UXL - Can I Dream Again
The Barr Brothers - Sleeping Operator Canadian
The Waitress Song
Harm Farm - Nice Job Einstein
Silent Killer
3 Inches of Blood - 3 Inches of Blood Canadian
Soul Driven
Devin Townsend - Devin Townsend Canadian
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