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Friday Special Blend
Friday October 21st, 2011 with Susan Johnston
Funding Drive edition

Cherry Season
The Done Fors - Award Winning Album Canadian New
Interview with Terry Ann Carter - N/A Canadian
Nominee for the Archibald Lampman Award. Reading at Collected Works tomorrow.
Interview with Andrew J. Borkowski - N/A Canadian
Listen Sister
Leela Gilday - Babes4Breasts Canadian
Barb Gray's Arts Report - N/A Canadian
Lynne Hanson - Babes4Breasts Canadian
Little Boy
Ana Miura - Babes4Breasts Canadian
Be as it Should
Sarah Loucks - Babes4Breasts Canadian
Barney and Miriam
Craig Cardiff - Babes4Breasts Canadian
Interview with Dean Verger - N/A Canadian
Alcoholic Blues
Sheesham & Lotus - N/A Canadian
Sweet Mamma
Sheesham & Lotus - N/A Canadian