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Friday Special Blend
Friday June 3rd, 2022 with Susan Johnston
It's Friday! Pour the coffee and I'll share a bunch of new music and geek out on soundwalks

I'm obsessed with place and understanding what "Ottawa" means to folks. Join me for Part II of a conversation with Carleton prof and CKCU Places of Sound host Vincent Andrisani as we get into how to understand "here" in new ways. Also, a bunch of new music, featuring: Allie Goodyear, Amanda Rheaume, Area Resident, and Yao. Also, I found some recordings of Joni Mitchel live at Le Hibou so have snuck one in there.
Allie Goodyear - Single Canadian New
The Spaces in Between
Amanda Rheaume - The Spaces in Between Canadian New
Turn Up the Gain
Beekeepers Society - Canadian
Hunkered Down in a Government Town
Area Resident - Single Canadian New
Comme il est, la
Yao - Kintsugi Canadian New
The Dawntreader
Joni Mitchell - Archives Vol. 2: The Reprise Years Canadian
Live performance recorded at Le Hibou Ottawa, March 19, 1968
Do About Her
Amanda Rheaume - The Spaces in Between Canadian New
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