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Friday Special Blend
Friday August 7th, 2020 with Chris White
Hour 1: Michael Curtis Hanna, Nira Dookeran. Hour 2: Jim Deacove, Jamie Ferguson

Hour 1: Sylvia Flemming and Chris White talk with Michael Curtis Hanna, an accomplished jazz and gospel singer originally from Detroit, now based in Ottawa. Former high school teacher Nira Dookeran discusses the Green Party leadership race and her views on the top priorities as we plan for the future. Hour 2: Chris White talks with Jim Deacove in Perth, Ontario and Jamie Ferguson in Alabama about the role of games in teaching content, concepts and cooperation. Jim Deacove founded Family Pastimes in 1961 as a way of encouraging people of all ages to play cooperative games. He has developed 135 games since then. See the fascinating website at Dr. Jamie Ferguson teaches organic chemistry at Emory & Lester College in Virginia. She developed a card game to help students learn facts and concepts related to spectroscopy. She is working with an app developer to create an online extension to enhance the game.
Hour 1
Interview with Michael Curtis Hanna
A Few More Miles To Go
Take 6 - So Cool
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - Lambert, Hendricks & Ross
Hold My Hand
Michael Curtis Hanna - . Canadian
Interview with Nira Dookeran
Karachi Burning
Kobo Town - Where the Galleon Sank Canadian
Kaiso Newscast
Kobo Town - Jumbie In The Jukebox Canadian
Hour 2
Double L Breakdown
Ron Mills - Sad News Canadian
Interview with Jim Deacove (Family Pastimes, Perth, ON) and Jamie Ferguson (Emory & Henry College, Virginia) about the role of games in teaching content, concepts and cooperation.
The website for Family Pastimes, founded in 1971 by Jim Deacove to develop and promote cooperative games, is
For information about Jamie Ferguson's 'Spetracular' game for teaching spectroscopy, see, and
Dark Eyes
Gene Krupa Trio - .
Love Has Come For You
Steve Martin and Edie Brickell - .
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