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Friday Special Blend
Friday January 10th, 2020 with Chris White and Barb Gray
Amy Ede, Cathy Levy, Miranda Martel, Andrea Usworth, Janet Kuntz

Come On in My Kitchen
Ian & Sylvia - The Lost Tapes Canadian
Tortoise and the Hare
Old Man Luedecke - Tender is the Night Canadian
Sandy Boys
Ben Nesrallah - The River Canadian
English is Cuh-ray-zee
Pete Seeger - Tomorrow's Children Canadian
Where Do the Robots Go When They Die?
Coco Love Alcorn - Joyful Canadian
Border Lass
Archie Fisher - The Best Times After All Canadian
If You Have to Choose
Willie P. Bennett - Collectibles Canadian
Pacific Northwest Bound
Mike McKenna Jr. - Pacific Northwest Bound Canadian
Uncle Jimmy
Doris Folkens - Doris Folkens Canadian
Barb Gray's Arts Report, Part 1: Interview with Amy Ede about the NAC Indigenous Theatre production "Unikkaaqtuat", a multi-media production inspired by Inuit founding myths.
Barb Gray's Arts Report, Part 2: Interview with Cathy Levy, Executive Producer of NAC Dance and newly-appointed Member of the Order of Canada.
Gentlemen of the Woods - Radiance Canadian
Interview with Miranda Martel (herbalist) and Andrea Usworth (mycologist and aromatherapist) about nature-based approaches to health and healing.
Bill Morrissey - Night Train
Interview with Janet Kuntz about the innovative caregiver support programs offered at Abbotsford House (950 Bank Street, Ottawa).
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