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Friday Special Blend
Friday April 5th, 2019 with Chris White, Barb Gray, Allen Roulston, Jo Roulston, Alecks Charron
Hour 1: Phoenix Players' 'Heroes' actors John Kershman, Brian Cano and Bruce Rayfuse; Barb Gray's arts report

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Headstones - . Canadian
It's A Big Old Goofy World
John Prine - The Missing Years
Interview with Phoenix Players 'Heroes' actors John Kershman, Brian Cano and Bruce Rayfuse.
My Songbird
Emmylou Harris - Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town
Copperhead Road
Steve Earle - Copperhead Road
Jacob Moon performs this evening at 7:30 pm at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 1817 Richardson Side Road in Carp.
Ribbon of Darkness
Jacob Moon - . Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Frank Smith
Love that Chris White song! I always eat the pizza crust.

8:34 AM, April 5th, 2019