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Friday Special Blend

Friday Special Blend
Friday February 22nd, 2019 with Chris White, Alecks Charron, Jo Roulston & Allen Roulston
Music and Conversation on a February Friday morning.

Hour 1: A visit from Ottawa Outdoor Club visits in Hour 1. Hour 2: A Black History Month interview with Chris White.
7:00 am BBC News
Ottawa Outdoor Club:
7:50 am Arts Report with Barbara Gray
8:00 am BBC News
8:05 am Arts Report with Barbara Gray
8:15 am Jo Roulston interviews Chris White for Black History Month.
Interactive CKCU
Rose Ann
Amazing program this morning. I really enjoyed it and will listen again to this episode. I loved the song Chris did about his Grandfather.

10:45 AM, February 22nd, 2019
Allen Roulston (host)
Thank you very much, Rose Ann. Jo was very pleased to read your comment as it was the first edition of the Friday Special Blend she produced on her own.

4:18 PM, February 23rd, 2019