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Friday Special Blend

Friday Special Blend
Friday September 21st, 2018 with Chris White & Allen Roulston
Conversation and Music, or Music and Conversation. :-)

HOUR 1: with Chris White. Guests include Shawville quilter Eleanor Hayes and United Church ministers Trisha Elliott and Paul Dillman. HOUR 2: with Allen Roulston interviewing Gerry Schmitz regarding the five (5) days of the One World Film Festival presently taking place in Ottawa.
Hour 1 with host Chris White
7:00 BBC News
See I'm Smiling
Michelle Gendron - Single from The Last Five Years live theatre Canadian New
7:55 Arts Report with Barbara Gray interviewing Michelle Gendron (Actor performing in Orpheus Musical Theatre The Last Five Years)
Hour 2: with host Allen Roulston
8:00 BBC News
8:05 Arts Report with Barbara Gray interviewing Wendy Berkelaar (Music Director)
If You're Out There
Bacporch Dave - The Highway Canadian
8:15 am Barbara Gray and Allen Roulston discuss the play The Last Spartan, a one man play starring Pierre Brault.
8:20 am Interview with Gerry Schmitz, programmer for the One World Film Festival which is screening movies from September 20th until September 25th in Ottawa.
Interactive CKCU
I’m so sorry i’m Not there!!!

8:47 AM, September 21st, 2018
I’m going to convince Americans on our trip to vote democratic in the primaries.

8:48 AM, September 21st, 2018
OMG! Yes Kavanaugh will mobilize women!

8:49 AM, September 21st, 2018