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Friday Special Blend
Friday December 2nd, 2016 with Susan Johnston and Amanda Jette Knox and Bob LeDrew

I'll Keep it with mine
Oh Susanna - Oh Susanna Canadian
Oh Susanna plays Quitters Coffee in Stittsville Sunday evening.
Megan Monafu is one of the creators of CSArt, a culture-sharing idea where people can become part of a cooperative sharing in music, art, poetry, and almost anything. Subscriptions are available for the final three events of the season: a visual arts event, a ceramics CS Art will also appear at theHub Night Market:
Is you is
Moonfruits - Debut Canadian
Moonfruits ( plays Bar Robo Saturday night!
Victoria Island
Scary Bear Soundtrack - Ovayok Canadian
The Mirror Mountain Film Festival happens this weekend in Ottawa. We're joined by Gabriella Warrior Renaud, Gloria Guns of Scary Bear Soundtrack, and Erin Chapman. Gabriella and Erin have films in the festival, and Scary Bear Soundtrack are providing... the soundtrack. Information on all the films in the festival:
City Fragments is a live video and music performance by filmmaker Timothy Smith and Scary Bear Soundtack, Friday night at 10 pm:
Hyphen: Gabriella's Story, and Ventilation, with Erin Chapman, screen as part of the Mirror Mountain "Local Heroes" program Sunday at 2pm:
Interactive CKCU