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Friday Special Blend

Friday Special Blend
Friday August 19th, 2016 with Amanda Jette Knox, Susan Johnston, and Bob LeDrew
Pride, "The Fruit Machine", Aboretum, and more!

When I said there was an end to love I was lying
Rae Spoon - I can't keep all of our secrets Canadian
Sarah Fodey is a filmmaker in Ottawa, and for the last number of years has been researching a documentary called "The Fruit Machine." This film project will document the 40 year history of discrimination against GLBT people by the Canadian public service. Learn more at: The story trailer for the film is at:
Love is Plenty
Kelly Slone - Big Deal Canadian New
Big Deal
Kelly Slone - Big Deal Canadian New
Made of Wood
Kelly Slone - Big Deal Canadian New
Fieldwork is an outdoor art installation south of Ottawa; Framework is an annual event which brings a group of writers to the project to be inspired by and interact with the landscape.
The Tee Mixer
DJ Lissa Monet - n/a
DJ Lissa Monet ( will perform at Babylon Saturday night as part of Arboretum Festival's "OH MY JAM [pride edition]" event.
Interactive CKCU