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Friday Special Blend

Friday Special Blend
Friday January 29th, 2010 with Vanessa Davies and Sue Johnston
January 29, 2009

St. Cecilia Singers and Company of Fools @ the Gladstone
BBC News
BBC News - BBC News
Marco Calliari - Mia Dolce Vita - Productions Casa Nostra Inc. Canadian
Just Friends
Prozzak - Cruel World Canadian
Ember Swift - The New Project - Lentic Music Canadian New
Shakespeare's Danish Play
Interview - Company of Fools - The Gladstone Jan 28-Feb 27 Canadian New
Coconut Bill
Ernesto Cervini Quartet - Little Black Bird Canadian New
Joanna Chapman-Smith - Contraries Canadian New
Pot of Stew
Sweatshop Union - Water Street - Sweatshop Union Music & Factor Canadian New
18 stories high and the building is burning
Sarah Noni-Metzner - Mansion of Happiness Canadian
Indio Saravanja - unknown - Caribou Records Canadian
BBC News
BBC News - BBC News
Good Days
Fembots - Calling Out Canadian
Gypsophilia - Sa-ba-da-ow! - Gypsophilia Music Canadian New
Jewish Dance Party
Gypsophilia - Sa-ba-da-ow! - Gypsophilia Music Canadian New
Concert January 30, 2010
Interview St. Cecilia Singers - My Spirit Sang All Day - St. John the Evangelist Church Elgin @ Somerset W. Canadian
Shark Taming
Organic Funk - When it Began - Organic Funk Productions Canadian
Diamond in my Hand
Molly Johnson - Molly Johnson Canadian
Lucky (Sample)
Molly Johnson - Lucky Canadian New
Verte de Fougerolles
Franco Proietti Morph-tet - Morphology - Bongo Beat Records Canadian
Dance in your Car
K-OS - The Trill: The Journey So Far - EMI Canadian New