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Friday Special Blend
Friday April 15th, 2016 with Susan Johnston and Bob LeDrew
Thinking, speaking, and feeling.

Sports and music, "Switched On", and Canadian journalism.
You Can't Outrun the Radio
Jonathan Byrd - You Can't Outrun the Radio - Waterbug
You look like trouble ...
Lisa Leblanc - Highways, Heartaches, and Time Well Wasted Canadian New
John Elder Robison is the author of Switched On", about his experience as an adult diagnosed with autism and receiving TMS treatment which opened up new avenues of understanding and experiencing emotion and feeling in others and himself. He appears at the Ottawa International Writers' Festival on Saturday, April 16.
Missing the point
Dave Gaudet - Dave Gaudet Canadian
Veteran journalist Mark Bulgutch has written "That's why I'm a journalist", a collection of essays by Canadian journalists. He speaks at Octopus Books on Tuesday. and
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