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Friday Special Blend

Friday Special Blend
Friday March 4th, 2016 with Susan Johnston and Bob LeDrew
"Perfect Pie" and Canadian Improv Games

Jenn Grant - Compostela Canadian
"Perfect Pie", the play by Judith Thomson, is in the final rehearals before opening night next Friday. This is the latest offering in the "Tactics" series. We're joined by actor Erica Anderson and stage manager Matthew Hertendy to talk about the play and how stages get managed anyway! "Perfect Pie" runs March 11-19 at Arts Court. for info and tickets.
Whitehorse - Leave No Bridge Unburned - Six Shooter Canadian
The Canadian Improv Games are an Ottawa-bred institution, bringing hundreds of high school students together in "loving competition". In addition to making audiences laugh, the performers learn valuable lessons and skills in teamwork, risktaking, and more. We hear about tonight's regional finals from coach Zack Duvall, performer Miranda Barber and regional coordinator Hayley Robateau. for information about the games. for tickets to the show!
Life's Work
Weather Station - Loyalty
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