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Friday Special Blend

Friday Special Blend
Friday January 29th, 2016 with Bob LeDrew
The Natalie Brettschneider Archives, and Comedy with Derek Seguin,

Cracking up the Capital, Natalie Brettschneider, and more!
Pushing' up daisies
My Son The Hurricane - You Can't Do This Canadian New
Natalie Brettschneider was a remarkable figure in avant-garde art history who hasn't received the acclaim she deserves. Or... is she? A new exhibit at the Carleton University Art Gallery takes you into a world that will blur -- or explode -- your perceptions of what is history and what is fiction. We speak with artist and exhibit curator Carol Sawyer and CUAG curator Heather Anderson.
Derek Seguin is a Montreal-based comedian who is known nationally and internationally. We talk about creativity and about comedy. Derek performs as part of the "So you think you're bilingual" show at Cracking Up The Capital comedy festival this Sunday night.
Hot Hot Papa
Monkeyjunk - Moon Turn Red - Stony Plain Canadian New
Susan Murphy talks about the Cracking Up the Captial Comedy Festival, now in its 13th year.
I should have known
Slo' Tom and the Handsome Devils - I'm Sick Canadian New
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