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Friday Special Blend

Friday Special Blend
Friday January 30th, 2015 with Bob Ledrew & Susan Johnston
WTF: Finger Style Guitar

Cricket Dance
Garnet Rogers - Sparrow's Wing Canadian
Black Sheep Inn, April 18
Interview - Shawna Caspi - N/A Canadian
Ottawa Grassroots Festival April 23-26, along with headliners Old Man Luedecke, Connie Kaldor, and many more.
Apartments for Lovers
Shawna Caspi - Devil's Rolling Pin Canadian New
Red Ships take off in the Distance
Don Ross - Breakfast for Dogs Canadian
Touring the US March 2015
Spring Wonder
Joe Grass - Joe Grass Canadian
Badger in the Bag
Captain Dirt & The Skirt - The Adventures of Captain Dirt & The Skirt Canadian
the duo of multi-instrumentalists Lyndell Montgomery and Kristin Sweetland.
Rick Fines - Solar Powered Canadian
Driving Home (new CD) is out. February 28 release party in Peterborough; performing at Blues in the Schools here in Ottawa March 2-12.
Berkley Springs
David Essig - Six Strings North of the Border Canadian
You might know his tune Sunrise as the opening theme for Canadian Spaces