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Reggae In The Fields
Saturday April 15th, 2017 with VJ KRES and EZE

Give Thanks And Praise
Bob Marley - Confrontation
Bob Marley - Legend
I know
Bob Marley - Confrontation
One Love
Bob Marley - Legend
The Cross
Mo' Than Conquerors - Easter Disc 2
Praise and Worship
Busy Signal - Easter Disc 3
Lord I Lift Your Name On High
Carlene Davis Ft Junior Tucker - Easter Disc 7
Books Of The Bible
Denzil Dennis - Easter Disc 2
How Great Is our God
Sherwin Gardner - Easter Disc 3
Run Run Come
The Otteys - Easter Disc 2
World Gone Mad
Richie Spice - Easter Disc 4
If Jah Is Standing By My Side
Tony Rebel - Easter Disc 2
Love and Mercy
Mikey Spice - Easter Disc 2
Shout To The Lord
Don Campbell - Easter Disc 2
God So Loved The World
Donna Marie - Easter Disc 2
Eddie Neblett - Easter Disc 2
Don't Give Up
Tony Lowe - Easter Disc 2
The Lord'"s Prayer
Richie Stephens Ft Koshens - Easter Disc 2
Rocky Road
Clifford Henry - Easter Disc 2
God Above Everything_1
Anthony B - Easter Disc 2
Too Much Violence_2
Bushman - Easter Disc 2
Massa God A God
Mr Vegas Ft Latty J - Easter Disc 1
Give Thanks for Life -(Gwaan Yaa)
Mr Vegas - Easter Disc 1
Dash It Weh
Mr Vegas - Easter Disc 1
Cup of Blessings (Gospel)
Marion Hall (Lady Saw) - Easter Disc1
Praise Him - (Tambourine Riddim)
Marion Hall (Lady Saw) - Easter Disc 1
What A Mighty God
Elepant Man - Easter Disc 1
Nobody Greater
Mr. Vegas - - Easter Disc 1
Mighty God - (The Mightiest Riddim)
Mr. Vegas - Easter Disc 1
Take a walk in My Shoes - (The Mighiest Riddim)
Exco Levi - Easter Disc 1 Canadian
Room In My House
Marion Hall - (Lady Saw) - Easter Disc1
One God
Mr Vegas - Easter Disc 1
Show Me A Sign
Sanchez - Easter Disc 1
Say Amen - (Lovers Rock And Soul)
Mr. Vegas - Easter Disc 1
Watch Me Lord
Christopher Martin - Easter Disc 3
Lord Watch Over My Shoulder
Garnet Silk - Easter Disc 7
Roll Away
Judith Gayle - Easter Disc 3
God Is Always there For Me
George Nooks - Easter Disc 3
Let Not Your Heart Be Trouble
Evertn Blender - Easter Disc 7
Sweep Over My Soul
Luciano - Easter Disc 7
The Water is Troubled
George Banton - Easter Disc 3
Walk Holy - (Gospel Soca)
Bevil & Jah Kiley - Easter Disc 2
Mighty Healer (Soca Beat)
Positive - Easter Disc 3
Interactive CKCU
Shelley Morris using dictation software
Hi Junior just thought you might like to know that reggae in the fields was playing at Medex nursing home. I do some friendly visiting there and I was walking down the hall and I heard you're from Milyer voice and the sounds of reggae music. Just thought you would like to know where your music is being heard. Now I am going on the bus and I will be listening on the way home.

5:05 PM, April 15th, 2017
Shelley Ann Morris
Hello All, As I was listening in a busy long term care facility and using dictation software to access the webpage, I didn't know that the show was being hosted by VJ KRES and EZE--no matter the host, it's always good to hear RITF anywhere on a Saturday afternoon!

6:30 PM, April 16th, 2017