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Reggae In The Fields
Saturday December 5th, 2015 with Junior Smith
Interviews: Treesha, Maga Dog, Hatta Clapz, tMusic Dropped into my mailbox (

CANADA'S LONGEST RUNNING REGGAE PROGRAM presents: Music Dropped into my mailbox at Today, music from England. Trinidad and Tobago, Germany, Italy, USA and Jamaica. Tribute to J. Capri who died on Friday in Jamaica. RAS LETT Ras Lett He is known in music circles as Ras Lett. He was born in South Trinidad to immigrants from Grenada. He attended the Gasparillo Government Primary school and Marabella Junior and Senior Secondary schools. He presently resides in Gasparillo. He describes himself as an industrious person who earns a living from different trades he has qualified himself in , including carpentry, masonry, painting and plumbing. As a young man he always had a passion for reggae music and started playing the guitar which enabled him to compose his songs. He now aspires to have his music reach all corners of the earth. As a reggae artist he has the opportunity to meet other artists of a similar musical genre. He aspires to have the radio stations play more positive local reggae music as a means of inspiring young artistes and their fans. (Ras Lett bio) TREESHA Treesha Born Patricia Wambui Mwaura was born in the beautiful city of Nairobi in Kenya, She started singing at the age of 8. Her musical talent is groomed and influenced by her father (the Late Captain John Ben Mwaura) who also sang and played the guitar and inspired by artists like (Aretha Franklin, Aaliyah, Mary J Blige Tracy Chapman, Bob Marley, Destiny Child …) After moving to Europe and finishing her trainee as a medical assistant, Treesha joined the International Reggae sensation Gentleman as a background vocalist where she is still present and started working with the Evolution band mainly Giuseppe Coppola, Tobias Zepezauer and Frank Pollak on the album "Listen".This experience on the road made Treesha meet Skarra Mucci, who then decided to sign her on his label. In June 2015 Treesha’s ready to conquer the world with her first album release digitally and physically. Web links: Facebook: Treesha Moore Twitter: @Treeshamusic Instagram: Treesha_music cd available worldwide : (Treesha bio)
The Good Word
Rev. Jacob Afolabi - Spoken Word
Music dropped into my mailbox at
my mama
tr3mma - England single
Ras Lett
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
No reason to fight
Ras Lett - Sincerity
Wicked People Raging
Ras Lett - Sincerity
Love will never leaver us alone
Ras Lett - Sincerity
Wanna Go Home
Ras Lett - single
We ned love
Treesha - Listen
love letter
Treesha - Listen
Love you like 123
Treesha - Listen
Treesha - Listen
Maga Dog
Inna di Town
MagaDog - single
Ask me for More
MagaDog and Moreena - single
Hatta Clapz
When We were Down
Hatta Clapz - single
Tribute to J. Capri, dead at 24 years in Jamaica
Boom and Bend over
J. Capri - single
Wine Kotch
J. Capri ft Charley Black - single
Luv it
J. Capri - single
Reverse it
J. Capri - single
Heat my Love
J. Capri - single
Recent singles
Ghetto Youth Floss
Demarco ft Beenie Man - single
Mosquita One
Macka Diamond - single
Barrington Levy - single
Gain the World
Jah Miel - single
Mi nuh Trust People
Vybz Kartel - single Ultimate 2016 rid)
Way up stay up
Chi Chig Ching ft Beenie man - single
Hot up
Razor B - single
Cant Stop Ghetto Youths
Fire Links - Magic Moment
Dem Heart No Clean
New Kidz - Magic Moment
Jump Up
Beene Man - Magic Moment
Music is Magic
Junior Reid - Magic Moment
Poor People A Suffer
Sizzla - Magic Moment
Boss Gal
Beene Man - Shanty Town
Dasai - Shanty Town
Rasta Man
Shakka Rocka - Shanty Town
Shanty Town
Sugar Roy and the Fireball Crew ft Busy Signal - Shanty Town
Shanty Town (Dancehall Mix)
Sugar Roy and the Fireball Crew ft Busy Signal - Shanty Town
Arc of the Covenant - Arc of the Covenant
Bugle - Arc of the Covenant
Chronixx - Arc of the Covenant
Heaven Sent
Singa J - Arc of the Covenant
Big Dreams
Jodian Oantry - Arc of the Covenant
Tarrus Riley and Kabaka Pyramid - Arc of the Covenant
Heavenly Father
Sizzla Kalonji - Arc of the Covenant
Sizzla - single
Avoid Me
Lust - single
Love You
Gregory Isaacs - single (1990)
Studio Vibes - Pandora
Kill dem with Style
Gully Bop - Pandora (video version)
Vybz Kartel - Pandora
Hide and Seek
Mavado - Pandora
Flick Duppy
I-Octane - Pandora
Capleton - Pandora
Kill Dem with Style
Gully Bop - Pandora (single version)
Its My Time (Mama)
Version - single
Cheat on You
Dexta Daps - single
Take Control
Jah Vinci and Nadg - single
Sexual Desire
Jah Vinci - single
Suh Good
I-Octane - single
Ride and Wine
I-Octane - single
Turn Dreams to Reality
I-Octane - single
Rasta Party
Bugle - single
Bad Gal Wine
RDX - single
Denmarco - single
Candy Rain
Lisandra - single
Mi Nah Come Home Tonight
Dexta Daps and Mr. G - single
I'm Not a Cheater
Pressure Bus Pipe - single
Look at me Now
Konshens - single
Gabgsta Tears
T'Nez - single
Final Word
Hyacinth Mason - Spoken Word
Interactive CKCU
Shelley Ann Morris
Hi Junior, Still listening to RITF while out and about on a Saturday afternoon-not always near a computer, but still listening to the good music as always.

3:14 PM, December 5th, 2015