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Reggae In The Fields
Saturday October 17th, 2015 with Junior Smith
Oldies but Goodies. Feature the "Blue Beat" sound

OLDIES BUT GOODIES - Today, October 17, 2015. Reggae in the Fields takes you back to the birth of Jamaican music this afternoon. Today a feature on the "Blue Beat" sound. The program will be available on "demand" by 6:00 pm on Saturday at the same link. Join your host Junior Smith for another edition of Canada's longest running Reggae radio program. Since 1976. BLUE BEAT "The music that helped to welcome Jamaica’s independence from Great Britain in 1962, known as ska, was heralded as the first uniquely Jamaican music to come out of the country. Indeed, the walking bass line and emphasis on playing the upbeat which characterized the music eventually paved the way for subsequent genres including rocksteady and reggae. However, ska was not an overnight creation. Before the optimistic tones of independence, Jamaica fell in love with American rhythm and blues, brought to the island via Jamaican seasonal workers. Finding this dance music extremely infectious, local acts began incorporating elements into their performances. And for Jamaicans leaving their country to find work in places such as the United Kingdom, the demand for the music of their homeland grew significantly. This demand ultimately culminated in the formation of the English record label Blue Beat, which became famous for releasing some of the earliest Jamaican R&B and proto-ska tunes." Ian Halligan (
The Good Word
Rev. Jacob Afolabi - Spoken Word
Rude Boy Gone A Jail
The Clarendonians - single
Phoenix city
Roland Alphonso & the Soul Brothers - single
It Mek
Desmond Dekker and the Aces - single
Ba Ba Boom
The Jamaicans - single
54-46 That's My Number
Toots and the Metals - single
The Beatitudes
The Uniques ft. Slim Smith - single
Double Barrel
Dave and Ansel Collins - single
Stop that Train
Keith and Tex - single
Ride Your Donkey
The Tennors - single
Johnny too Bad
The Slickers - single
People Funny Boy
Lee Perry - single
Rock Steady
Alton Ellis and the Flames - single
Train to Skavile
The Ethiopians - single
The Loser
Derrick Harriot - single
Harry J and the All Stars - single
The Tide is High
The Paragons - single
Cry Tough
Alton Ellis and the Flames - single
Take it Easy
Hopeton Lewis - single
007 (Shanty Town)
Desmond Dekker - single
Rudy Got Soul
Desmond Dekker - single
Rivers of Babylon
The Melodians - single
Rough and Tough
Stranger Cole - single
Young Gifted and Black
Bob and Marcia - single
Fat Man
Derrick Morgan - single
Music is my Occupation
Don Drummond and Tommy McCook - single
Everything Crash
The Ethiopians - single
Long Shot Kick De Bucket
The Pioneers - single
Iron Bar
Lord Tanamo - single
Monkey Man
Toots and the Maytals - single
Bongo Man
Bongo Man Byfield - single
Penny Reel O
Monty Morris - single
My Boy Lollipop
Millie - single
The Blue Beat Sound
Boss Girl
J.E. Stick with the Drumbago All Stars - single
Bouncing Woman
Laurel Aitken with the Blue Beatrs - single
Corn Bread and Butter
Eric Morris - single
The Blues Busters - single
Feel So Fine
Derrick Morgan and Patsy - single
Clancy Eccles - single
Green Door
Roland Alphonso - single
Hey Diddle Diddle
Sir Dee's Group with K Brown - single
Hully Gully Rock
Roland Alphonso and his Alley Cats - single
Humpty Dumpty
Eric Morris with Drumbago Allstars - single
I was wrong
Chuck and Dobbie & Buster's group - single
I'm not Worthy
Drumbago & The Jazz Beats & The Magic Notes - single
In and Out of the Window
Monty and Roy - single
Let the Good times roll
Derrick and Patst - single
Alvin and Cecil - single
Oh Fanny
Chuck and Dobby - single
Please Don't Leave Me
Laurel Atkins with the Blue Beats - single
Pocket Money
Sir Dee's Group with Mossman & Zeddse - single
Rock A Man Soul
The Mellow Cats & Count Ossie & The Warrickas - single
Rocking in my Feet
Owen Grey with the Jets - single
Shake a Leg
Derrick Morgan with Drumbago All Stars - single
Sweetie Pie
Monty and Roy - single
The First Time we Met
Shenley and Anette - single
There's Always Sunshine
The Blues Busters - single
B Gabbidon and the Buster's Group - single
You Are driving me Crazy
The Blues Busters - single
The Final Word
Hyacinth Mason - Spoken Word
Interactive CKCU
Most everyone I've spoken to think that the Liberals will be a good choice. So we are on your side!:-)

5:23 PM, October 17th, 2015
What date and time will be the event being put on by Percival Quinton at St. Richards Anglican Church?

5:24 PM, October 17th, 2015