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Reggae In The Fields
Saturday July 12th, 2014 with Junior Smith
Yoga for your Life, Interview with Tinga Stewart and "Strictly Dancehall Part 2 of 4

Laurie Howe Laurie’s calm presence and sense of humour create a space of light heartedness, acceptance, a safe haven from our busy lives. Whether doing an intense, fiery practice, slow flow or yin, students come out of the Laurie’s classes feeling completely cared for and rejuvenated. Classes are based on the energy she feels at any given time in the room. She adapts the pace and flow of her sequences to the seasons – making them either slower or more energizing depending on the time of the year. Laurie’s love of alignment, appreciation for the uniqueness of each student’s practice and range of motion, and her expertise for assisting make her class a truly complete experience. Laurie’s first Hatha Teacher training was completed at the renowned Kripalu Centre. That same year she also completed training with David Swenson in the Ashtanga primary series. Laurie has continued training since then with many master teachers, including Advanced Pranayama, Yoga for Depression and Anxiety, Therapeutics among others. Todd Norian has been one of her most inspirational teachers to this day. She will always be a student first and foremost, and is passionate in the areas of anatomy, alignment, pranayama and opening to grace. Also today, an interview with the legendary Tinga Stewart.
The Good Word
Rev. Jacob Afolabi - Spoken Word
Jamaican Ottawa Association - Prelude to Jam Day 2014
A celebration of Jamaica's 52nd independence to be held at Mooney's Bay, Ottawa
Joanne and Judith
Joanne and Judith - Spoken Word
Moods - single
No Where like home
Bugle - single
Love Games
Honey - single
We Hot
Richie Loops - single
Yoga for your life
Continue series presented by PranaShanti Yoga Centre, Ottawa
Laurie Howe (see description Below
Series,Yoga for your life
Laurie Howe - Spoken Word
Interview with Tinga Stewart (telephone interview from Jamaica)
Appearing as main artist at JamDay 2014, August 9, 2014
Tinga Stewart - single
Tinga Stewart - single
Tinga Stewart - single
Strictly Dancehall continues in July - Part 2 of 4
I'm not a substitute Lover
Half Pint - single
Its growing
Garnet Silk - single
Silent Consent
Hopeton Lindo - single
Come Back Home
Beres Hammond - single
Sugar Yu Want
Beres Hammond - single
When I'm With You
Wayne Wonder - single
I've Got to Get You
Tony Tuff - single
Tempted to Touch
Beres Hammond - single
Fall in Love
Sanchez - single
I Can't Wait
Sanchez - single
One in a Million
Sanchez - single
Can't Stop a Man
Beres Hammond - single
Where Is the Love
Sugar Minott - single
Wherever I Lay My Hat
Sanchez - single
Sanchez - single
Friends for Life
Dennis Brown - single
You Don't Love Me
Dawn Penn - single
Soon as I Get Home
Sanchez - single
By Your Side
Ghost - single
Just Be Good
Half Pint - single
They Gonna Talk
Beres Hammond - single
Stop Loving You
Cocoa Tea - //
I Need a Roof
Mighty Diamond - //
Over You
Beres Hammond - single
Love of a Life Time
Junior Tucker - single
Juggle me a Juggle
Delly Ranks - single
Ginja - single
Irie Vibes
Latty J - single
Cell Phone
Mr. Vegas - single
Jah Show love
Capitol D - single
Tell You this
Gyptian - single
Here to Stay
Hyah Slyce - single
Buss Big
Moeish - single
Moeish - single
The Final Word
Hyacinth Mason - Spoken Word