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The Groove

The Groove
Saturday March 31st, 2012 with Thomas Stépien a.k.a DJ TEKNOBRAT
Bunkerbliss Radio visits The Groove

This week DJ TEKNOBRAT from Bunkerbliss Radio visits The Groove!!! The first hour will focus on brand new releases & pre-releases from some of the hottest tech house, minimal & techno labels on the planet. The second hour will focus more on dark, futuristic & atmospheric 4 on 4 techno with most of the selections beeing released in the last month to 12 months... NJOI !!! TEKNOBRAT
SIZ - Wrong Box EP - Unpleased Records New
TIN MAN - S_MPL_ HOUSE EP - Shaddock Records New
Enlighten Me "Original Mix"
ROB PAINE + CHARLES LAZARUS - Enlighten Me EP - Worship Recordings New
Brownian Interplay
PETAR DUNDOV - Ideas From The Pond LP - Music Man New
Something Strange "Mike Shannon Dub"
[a]PENDICS.SHUFFLE & MR.C - Something Strange EP - Adjunct Canadian New
Every Dog Has Its Night "Metope Edit"
ADA - Every Dog Has Its Night EP - Areal Records New
Smoke "Smash TV Remix"
SAFEWORD - West Portal EP - Bad Animal New
The Result
SYNKRO - Gruppenzwang part III EP - Catenaccio New
Gabrielle "Beroshima Vinyl Remix"
PHEROX - Gabrielle EP - Brouqade New
Rua Augusta
DJ W!LD - Harry Klein Records 006 EP - Harry Klein Records New
PLANKTON - Edding EP - Hidden Recordings New
Ad Infinitum
VOISKI - Unforseen Alliances EP - Construct Reform New
A Rave Mistake "2012 Mix"
BUTANE - We Long... EP - Alphahouse Records New
Step 3000 "Kirk Degiorgio Remix"
CHRISTIAN VANCE - Step 3000 EP - Haul Vinyl New
Sensual "Reggy Van Oers Remix"
JOACHIM SPIETH - Sensualized EP - Affin New
Dein Gesicht
LANDSCHALL - Cake & Communism EP - Broque New
When The Sun
TERENCE FIXMER - When The Sun EP - Electric Deluxe New
Aqua Carre "Michael Klein rmx"
KLEIN & MEISTER - Aqua Carre EP - Micro.fon Digital New
Polar Era
AGONY FORCES - Polar Era EP - Lycaon Records New
Out Of Tune
SHIFTED - Crossed Paths LP - Mote-Evolver New
Red Desert
SZARE - Rochlade Principle EP - Krill Music New
SHIFTED - Crossed Paths LP - Mote-Evolver New
Plan 0
DECEPTION PLAN - Unforseen Alliances EP - Construct Reform New
ZADIG - P8 EP - Sino
The Arrival "Iori Remix"
TERENCE FIXMER - A Journey To Unchardted Destinations EP - Planete Rouge Records
Mommy Im Lost
TONY ROHR - H-Productions presents Mutations 101 LP Compilation - H-Productions New
Tropical Cruize
XOSAR - Tropical Cruize EP - Long Island Electrical Systems
Wasserkraft "Silent Servant Remix"
CIO D'OR - Magnetfluss - The Remixes EP - Prologue
Obscur "Silent Servant Remix"
SVRECA - Obscur EP - Semantica New
Brooklyn Formula
ALEXI DELANO - H-Productions presents Mutations 101 LP Compilation - H-Productions New
Rocket Science
THE ADVENT & JASON FERNANDES - 15 Years Of Drumcode LP Compilation - Drumcode
Persephon 399
VOISKI - Circumsolar EP - Groom Records
Lession "Giorgio Gigli Remix"
TACITO - Lession EP - Micropunto Schallplatten
Sequential "Rolando Remix"
VINCE WATSON - Sequential EP - Bio Music
Napoli 4pm
CARI LEKEBUSCH & JOSEPH CAPRIATI - 15 Years Of Drumcode LP Compilation - Drumcode
Dimension "Jonas Kopp Remix"
SECLUDED - Dimension EP - EarToGround Records
Trans Neptunian
SAMULI KEMPPI - Parallel Series 2 EP - Mote-Evolver New
Moyonga "The Automatic Message Remix"
DJ SODEYAMA - Catharsis - The Remixes EP - Krill Music
SHIFTED - Telic Solus + Image Channel EP - Our Circula Sound
ZADIG - Re-Form EP - Construct Reform
Function 4 "Marcel Dettmann Remix"
PLANETARY ASSAULT SYSTEMS - Function 4 - Remixes Episode 1 EP - Mote-Evolver
CASSEGRAIN - Coptic EP - Prologue New
SHIFTED - Drained EP - Mote-Evolver
Indonesian’s Dream
REEKO - Momentum EP - PoleGroup New