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The Groove
Saturday April 9th, 2011 with DJ TEKNOBRAT
Bunkerbliss Radio visits The Groove

Well another visit from the second voice of The Groove, DJ TEKNOBRAT selects and plays a fine selection of the best past-present-phuture techno, tech house, deep house, dub techno essentials with his Bunkerbliss signature mix style !!!! NJOI Peace Out :-) Teknobrat....
Words From Atlantis
Atlantis - Controlled Substance - Underground Resistance
Liquid Air
Air Liquide - Liquide Air E.P. - Blue
What Happened? feat Vocals by Blake Baxter
Abe Duque - What Happened? - Abe Duque Records
Rennie Foster's No Lights, No Fights Remix
DJ Bone - The Music Remixes - Subject Detroit
Untill Tomorrow (Ben Sun Remix)
Reggie Dokes - Untill Tomorrow (Remixed) - Royal Oak
Stefan Tretau - Whatever Happened - ST Records
BNJMN - Plastic World - Rush Hour Recordings New
Dirty Matter (NWAQ's Via Mezzacapo Dub)
Morphosis - What Have We Learned Remixes Part 1 - Delsin, M>O>S Recordings, Morphine Records New
Free Your Soul [Future]
Piece (Producer - Carl Craig) - Free Your Mind [Past] / Free Your Soul [Future] - Planet E
World Of Deep (Jesse's Respect To Detroit Remix)
Kevin Saunderson - History Elevate 4 - KMS
E-Dancer (Producer - Kevin "Master Reese" Saunderson) - Heavenly - KMS
Skudge - Below / Phantom - Skudge Records New
Rear Window
A Made Up Sound - Rear Window - Delsin New
Phase Response
Mike Dehnert - Before Framework - Delsin New
A1 Untitled Track
EQD (Produced by Rene Pawlowitz) - Equalized #001 - Equalized
A1 Untitled Track
EQD (Produced by Rene Pawlowitz) - Equalized #002 - Equalized
B1 Untitled Track
EQD (Produced by Rene Pawlowitz) - Equalized #003 - Equalized
Ryan Elliott - Rocksteady EP - Ostgut Ton New
Altogether Lost (Chris Liebing Remix)
Emptyset Feat. Cornelius Harris - Altogether Lost - CLR New
John Tejada & Josh Humphrey - Assimilation - Palette Recordings New
Echologist - Connect - Electric Deluxe New
Only Your Touch (Exercise One Remix)
Billy Dalessandro - Polis The Remixes Volume Two - SONICULTURE New
Around The Bay (Martin Buttrich Remix)
Davide Squillace & Luca Bacchetti - Deconstruction Revisited Slice 2 - Hideout New
Who Made Up The Rules
Agaric - Who Made Up The Rules - Ovum Recordings New
Sudden Violence
Brian Sanhaj - Sudden Violence EP - EgoTon New
Gabry Fasano & Riccardo Ferri - Geometric EP - Alchemy New
Lucy - Kalachakra EP - Prologue
Ringing Bass
Mike Parker - Subterranean Liquid EP - Prologue New
Aril Brikha - Deeparture in time - Revisited - Art of Vengeance New
Brian Sanhaj - Ultima Ratio EP - EgoTon New
Series 5
Dave Hughes - PAL DG7 - Palette Recordings New
Planetary Phase
Terence Fixmer & Claudio PRC - Planetary Phase - Prologue New
Innocuous Clouds (Jerome Sydenham Remix)
Technasia - Central Remixed Part 1 - Technasia New
Planetary Assault Systems - Deep Heet Vol. 2 - Mote-Evolver New
Jerome Sydenham - Trombipolution Pt. 1 - Drumcode New
Adam X - Outflow Boundary EP - Prologue New
Samuli Kemppi - Cyclic Model EP - M_Rec Ltd New
Scale Invariant Spectrum
Coefficient - Field Transitions EP - M_Rec Ltd New