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Canadian Spaces
Saturday October 27th, 2012 with Chopper McKinnon
Funding Drive show #2: Ian Tamblyn, Lynn Miles, Lynne Hanson, Irene Kelley and more

Funding Drive Show #2
Hurricane Heart
Ian Tamblyn - Gyre Canadian
10:05 Ian Tamblyn in the studio.
Cookie Rankin in the Purcells
Ian Tamblyn - (live in studio) Canadian
Karen Road
Ian Tamblyn - (live in studio) - 20:00 Canadian
Baby Come and Turn Out the Lights
Willie P. Bennett - unreleased recording Canadian
Sweet Dominique
Adam Cohen - Like a Man Canadian
40:00 Irene Kelley, Scott Neubert and Terry Eagan in the studio.
Feels Like Home
Irene Kelley and Scott Neubert - (live in studio) - 44:30
I'm a Little Bluer Than That
Irene Kelley and Scott Neubert - (live in studio) - 51:15
Nervous Breakdown
Willie P. Bennett - unreleased (1978) Canadian
Between the Breaks
Stan Rogers - The Field Behind the Plough Canadian
71:00 Lynn Miles and Lynne Hanson in the studio.
Lynn Miles - (live in studio) Canadian
That Old House
Lynne Hanson - (live in studio) - 82:00 Canadian
There's a Lesson in Everything
Lynn Miles - (live in studio) - 87:00 Canadian
Foolish Things
Lynne Hanson - (live in studio) - 96:30 Canadian
Stayed at the Party Too Long
Lynn Miles - (live in studio) - 101:00 Canadian
Burn Down the House
Irene Kelley - Thunderbird Canadian
I'm the Moon
Lynn Miles and Lynne Hanson - (live in studio) - 113:30 Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Judy McEwen
Enjoying the show, with live music. For a request Irene and Kelly, know any songs pertaining storms (in context of the 'Frankenstorm' swirling up the east coast?

10:54 AM, October 27th, 2012
Shelley Ann Morris
Hey Fallas, Despite all the chaos going on at my place today I just heard me on the radio--thanks!!!!! Chopper, glad you are back on the air--you have a determined spirit--way to go!!! I'll be by next week some time before I head off to my triathlon training sesion at Carleton U -- and yes, I'll bring my donation with me. Chris and CKCU have enagled me to be part of the magic which is being on-air and I appreciate that very much. Love the show this morning--you can tell by listening to performers and the space cadets--we luv ya!

11:38 AM, October 27th, 2012
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