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Canadian Spaces
Saturday October 13th, 2012 with Chris White
Christa Couture, Matthew Barber, Doug Hume, Ken Workman

Lifting My Heart
Hart Rouge - Beaupré's Home Canadian
Jimmy's Room
Melwood Cutlery - Campfire Canadian
Looking For A Kiss
Suzie Vinnick - Happy Here Canadian
Big City
Ball and Chain and the Wreckers - Live at the Bayou Canadian
MacDonnell on the Heights
Stan Rogers - From Fresh Water Canadian
Bottomless Cup
Jennifer Noxon - Watch as you Walk Canadian
Missy Burgess - Play Me Sweet Canadian
Call My Heart Your Home
Hannah Naiman - CKCU Recording Canadian
With a Little Help From My Friends
Terry Tufts - Two Nights Solo Canadian
Lynn Miles - Unravel Canadian
Interview with CBC Radio's Alan Neal about a songwriting contest leading up to a Writer's Festival event with Lynn Miles on Fri. Oct. 26th.
Lynn Miles - Slightly Haunted Canadian
Interview with Ken Workman and Kathryn Briggs.
Ken Workman - YouTube video Canadian
Skybound Station
David Wiffen - South of Somewhere Canadian
When My Baby Calls My Name
Stephen Fearing - That's How I Walk Canadian
Interview with Christa Couture
Sing for Me
Christa Couture - The Living Record Canadian New
Interview with visual artist Arthur II about the Holmwood Mural Project.
Goin' Down to Irene's
Arthur II and the Puberoos - Goin' Down to Irene's Canadian
Interview with Matthew Barber.
The Little Things
Matthew Barber - True Believer Canadian
Interview with Doug Hume (Group Therapy).
Doug Hume - live in the studio Canadian
Interactive CKCU

10:20 AM, October 13th, 2012
Stephen Stewart
Chopper, Be well, brother. Come back soon.

10:44 AM, October 13th, 2012
D.D. Rocker
Hi, guys - 'listening in from St. John's. Godspeed your recovery, Chopper!

10:52 AM, October 13th, 2012
Shelley Ann Morris
Hey Chris, This morning my place is filled with dogs, cats, people as my friends are in from out of town. Canadian Spaces is providing the soundtrack. Great show. We are all keeping Chopper in our thoughts and hoping that he'll be back with you very soon. Always great to hear Missy Burgess and other favourites.

11:18 AM, October 13th, 2012
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