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Canadian Spaces

Canadian Spaces
Saturday August 11th, 2012 with Chopper McKinnon

(When I'm Loving Them) I'm Only Think of You
Sneezy Waters - Sneezy Waters - Eating Crow Records Canadian
Sun Don't Know
Kathie Moore - Only Thing Worse - Borealis Canadian
When I'm Over You
Ron Hynes - Stealing Genius - Borealis Canadian
Shady Gate
Ferron - Boulder - Short Story Records Canadian
Baby Come Turn Out The Lights
Willie P. Bennett - Sharpen The Plough - Iependent Canadian
Brock Zeman - Cold Winter Comes Back - Audio Valley Canadian
Three Bridges
Jamie Anderson - Three Bridges - Tsunami Canadian
Can't Find My Way
Suzie Vinnick - Live At Bluesville - Independent Canadian
The Royal Pine
Hinterlandband - Leaving Fallowfield - broken cowboy muzak Canadian
Kentucky Bourbon
Steve Stacey And The Stump Splitters - Tall tales, Fibs & Outright Lies - Independent Canadian
The Man Who Married Music
Stephen Fearing - Yellowjacket - True North Canadian
Black Sheep
Blackie and The Rodeo Kings - Kings and Queens - File under: Music Canadian
You were here in Michigan
Christa Couture - The Living Record - One Foot Tapping Records Canadian New
Good Bayou
Christa Couture - The Living Record - One Foot Tapping Record Canadian New
Lucky or Lost
Christa Couture - The Living Record - One Foot Tapping Records Canadian New
Pirate Jenny and the storm
Christa Couture - The Living Record - One Foot Tapping Records Canadian New
The Old Refrain
Ian Tamblyn - Ian Tamblyn - North Track Records Canadian
Keep My Eye On You
Catherine MacLellan - Silhouette - True North Records Canadian
People Of The Street
Brian Bourne Band - Stick With Me - Independemt Canadian
Sky'n me
Lindsay Ferguson - Monkeys under stars - Independnet Canadian
Turning Into Beautiful
Ferron - Turning Into Beautiful - Independent Canadian
She Never Will
Ron Hynes - Best of Ron Hynes - Independnet Canadian
Not Looking for Love
Karyn Ellis - Even Though The Sky Was Falling - Mathiklde;s Home Productions Canadian
The Highway Callin'
Fred J. Eaglesmith and the Flying Squirrels - From The Paradise Motel - Independent Canadian
Interactive CKCU
D.D. Rocker
Has the transmitter gone belly-up again?

11:33 AM, August 11th, 2012
Chopper McKinnon (host)
What seems to be the problem? We are broadcasting and getting it in the studio

11:47 AM, August 11th, 2012
D.D. Rocker
I don't know - it was coming in fine at first and then nothing. Maybe it's my PC acting up again...

11:51 AM, August 11th, 2012
D.D. Rocker
That's just plain weird - I finally got the broadcast when I went to, but when I returned to CKCU's website and clicked to listen live, it's still working.

11:57 AM, August 11th, 2012
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