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Canadian Spaces

Canadian Spaces
Saturday March 6th, 2010 with Chopper

Ian Tamblyn - Willisville Mountain Canadian
Rites of Passage
Georgette Fry - Rites of Passage Canadian
Magic Pleasure
Monick an Rick Tremblay - Other Voices Canadian
Waiting For the Rain
Bill Morrissey - You'll Never Get To Heaven
The King of Rome
Garnet Rogers - Small Victories Canadian
Night Sun - Calling Canadian
Lookin' For Trouble
Bec and Rusty - Tea for Two Canadian
Country Kids
Graydon James - Good Night Young Novelist Canadian
Circle of Stone
James Keelaghan - House of Cards Canadian
Famous Blue raincoat
Leoard Cohen - The Essential Cohen Canadian
Coffee One Cream
Rick fines - Out of the Living Room Canadian
I've Come Along
James Gordon - My Stars Your Eyes Canadian
James Gordon - My Stars Your Eyes Canadian
At The Whim of the Wind and The Sea
James Gordon - My Stars Your Eyes Canadian
Not Tonight
Roy Forbes - The Human Kind Canadian
Ferron - Driver Canadian
Our Days Are Bright
Bob Burchill - The Busker Canadian
Not what you think it is
Dan Mangan - Postcards and Day Dreaming Canadian
Love Never Comes At All
Ian Tyson - Yellowhead to Yellowstone and other Love Stories Canadian
Don Amero - Deepening Canadian
Life Gets Better
Don Amero - deepening Canadian
Don Amero - Deepening Canadian
The Cremation of Sam McGee
Kate Reid - I'm Just Warming Up Canadian
Watch It Babe
Willie P. Bennett - Sharpen the Plough Canadian
Since I Fell
David Wiffen - David Wiffen Canadian